This is Volcanic.

Great “user experiences” aren’t limited to websites or product designs. Volcanic was created to transform how people experience what you offer to the world each and every day. Volcanologists explore the core of your operations, culture and customers. We seek out insights that bring purpose to the intangibles that make or break those crucial moments that people spend with your product or service. We help you create real competitive advantages that also make your part of the world a little better and happier place. Shall we begin?

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Seismic results.

Service design influences word-of-mouth in an age of social reviews. It empowers employees to make healthier choices in the midst of healthcare reform. And it creates magical moments that people will want to talk about. Volcanic helps you unlock the full and fiery potential of what you bring to the world by forging symbiotic relationships between your customers, employees and business goals. This is how you create service experiences that are desirable, effective, enjoyable and efficient. This is why the unique selling proposition must give way to the unique service proposition as your primary point of competitive advantage.

This is about making someone’s day. This is about improving someone’s life. And yeah, this is about changing the world. This is about being Volcanic.

Let’s blow some stuff up.

If you are ready to be purposeful about the service experience you offer or if you would simply like to talk more about the Volcanic process, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Kansas City Office

2000 Central
Kansas City, MO 64108
Contact: John January

What is Service Design?

What is Service Design?

You get it. Help others get it, too. Share this video created by Volcanic’s Lead Service Designer, Yosef Shuman.